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Aktion   Mensch   PROJECT   -''Initiation   of   basic   structures   of   outpatient   psychiatric   care   in   Brasov   County, România''    run    by    Philanthropic    Medical-Christian    Association    Christiana,    Brasov,    together    with    the Association    Lebesnӓhe    gGmbH    in    Berlin,    Germany,    during    01.03.2015-31.12.2017,    financed    by    the Department   of   Finance   and   Development Aktion   Mensch   for   social   projects   of   the Association,   Germany,   an association   that   promotes   the   development   and   expansion   of   basic   structures   in   Central   and   South-Central, Eastern Europe Domain-IF. The   basic   idea   of   the   project   is   creation   of   a   cooperation   and   support   network   between   the   social service    providers,    institutions    and    authorities,    being    concerned    in    solving    problems    related    to    the population’s mental health and being able to act specifically, according the own competences. Only    through    broader    participation    of    local    "actors"    will    be    chances    in    initiateing,    developing    and implementing community structures for speciffic psychiatric support. Whose target group is addressed the Project? The    project    is    especially    dedicated    to    the    building    of    community    psychiatric    basic    structures    in supporting   individuals   chronically   mentally   ill   in   Brasov   City   (about   280   000   inhabitants)   and   from   the surrounding   area,   that   are   either   discharged   from   chronical   long   term   stationary   psychiatric   care   (hospitals/ stationary   psychiatric   medical   services)   or   after   an   acute   treatment   phase,   and   need   support   for   social   and family reintegration. These   mentally   ill   people   have   a   lack   information   according   the   possibilities   of   social   and   charitable support/ care aso.   In    building    of    these    basic    psychiatric    community    structures    is    intended    to    be    attracted    official structures/departments    linked    with    mental    health    care,    other    types    of    similar    care    and    protection institutions/services,   but   also   the   professionals   (employees)   from   these   institutions,   beneficiaries,   their families.   They   will   serve   as   the   "multiplicators"   of   information   and   creating   an   informational   long   term network.   Concret facts based on the type of disability or social discrimination People   with   mental   disorders/chronic   mental   illness   are   often   stigmatized,   discriminated   and   excluded from   social   life   because   of   the   disability   and,   because   of   the   lack   of   information   and   support,   they   do   not have   access   to   offers/opportunities   in   the   psychiatric   field.   The   social   situation   of   persons   chronic   mentally ill   is   difficult   also   in   Romania   because   these   persons   are   incapable   to   work   on   medium   to   long   term.   The income/pension   for   illness   is   extremely   small   (approximately   56   Euro/month),   value   which   is   below   the subsistence and which implies their dependence on carers or social services and/or care. Specialized staff as target group: from which institutions/services belong these participants? In   the   Project   workshops   will   be   involved   employees   in   institutions   (hospital   and   Center   of   Mental Health   Brasov),   psychologists   (freelancers),   employees   and   students   of   the   Transilvania   University   of Brasov,   employees   in   charge   of   social   and   medical   services,   local   authorities. Are   invited   also   stakeholders which are already facing administratively with mental health problems of the population. How and in what timeframe will be involved the participants after the project ending? The   participants   at   the   Project   workshops   will   become   "multipliers",   each   one   in   own   institution,   using their   knowledge   regarding   the   opportunities   and   needs   of   care   and   support   available   for   the   people   with mental health problems. By    willingness    and    involvement    of    the    partners    and    participants    in    Aktion    Mensch    Project,    the networking   activity   can   continue   after   the   Project   ending.   The   participants   who   had   the   opportunity   to   know each   other   better   during   the   workshops,   but   also   other   interested   professionals,   can   participate,   organise and be involved at future specific workshops, by using the format structured in Aktion Mensch Project.
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