The   Center   for   Elderly   Dr.Teofil   Mija,   operational   since   2000,   currently   provides   hosting   and   caring   for   a total   of   75   elderly   people,   housed   in   35   rooms. The   elderly   can   be   between   60   and   100   years   old,   can   or   not manage alone and do not suffer of serious mental illness or have behavior disorders. Housing   conditions   differ   and   are   optional:   single,   double   or   triple.   The   personnel   structure   is   specific   to a residential centers. Since   2010   the   building   is   equipped   with   a   lift,   the   people   in   wheelchairs   having   easy   mobilizing   and access   to   all   places   in   the   Center   but   also   to   the   backyard.   The   inner   courtyard   is   decorated   with   a   gazebo where   seniors   spend   their   time   on   days   when   it   is   possible   to   stand   out.   In   the   Center   is   a   chapel   where   are regularly officiate religious services. In the club are provided daily socio-cultural and recreational activities. Services: 1. Feeding Is   carried   out   by   qualified   personnel,   the   Center   featuring   its   own   kitchen,   a   main   dining   room   and   a kitchenette   with   a   dining   room-office   at   the   first   two   levels   of   the   building.   The   independent   beneficiaries   eat in   the   main   dining   room,   the   semidependent   people   eat   in   the   dining   room   of   the   same   floor   where   they   live and   those   dependent/immobilised   are   served   in   the   room   (at   bed).   Beneficiaries   have   provided   three   hot main   meals/day   and   two   snacks   (at   10.00   and   16.00)-only   on   request,   in   accordance   with   hygienic   and sanitary regulations. 2. Medical care Is   provided   by   a   team   of   doctors:   a   family   doctor,   a   psychiatrist,   a   specialist   in   internal   medicine,   a doctor   in   internal   medicine,   five   generalist   nurses.   The   team   made   a   permanent   medical   supervision.   Are provided   transportation,   consultations   and   admissions   to   medical   units   in   Brasov.   If   is   a   hospital   admission, are   ensured   regular   visits   and   is   keeped   the   contact   with   the   hospital.   It   is   provided   equipment   for   visual and   auditory   deficiencies   (hearing   aids,   glasses),   medical   devices   (eg.   oxygen   concentrators),   walking devices (wheelchairs). 3. Therapies for recovery/rehabilitation Role    in    maintaining/improving    a    functional    autonomy:    physiotherapy,    somatic/reflexogen    massage, physiotherapy,   maintenance   and   relaxation   gymnastics. Activities   are   provided   by   two   physiotherapists   in   a special   room   and   for   the   dependent   beneficiaries   the   recovery   services/activities   are   performed   at   the bedside of the person. 4. Personal care We    provide:    personal    care    services,    nursing    (total/partial    personal    hygiene,    dressing/undressing, shaveing,   combing,   shoes   on/off,   walking   within   and   outside   the   chamber,   mobilization,   transfer   on/of   chair, chair   maneuvers   to   prevent   bedsores   etc.).   It   is   performed   by   professional   staff   -   nurses.   Is   ensured cleanliness   in   rooms   and   common   areas.   Clothing   and   bedding   of   the   beneficiaries   are   properly   cleaned   by the Center own laundry. 5. Social services These   are:   achieving   social   rights,   liaising   with   the   family,   organizing   socio-cultural   activities   and   leisure etc.   The   team   is   made   of   a   social   worker,   a   social   caretaker,   a   psychologist   and   two   volunteers   with   training in    occupational    therapy    (including    piano    and    needlework).    Is    assured    for    the    elderly    and    emotional wellbeing support, necessary for a peaceful ageing.  6. Spiritual suport On   request,   the   collaborating   priests   (Orthodox   and   Greek-Catholic)   provide   spiritual   support.   In   the chapel   of   the   Elderly   Center   dr.   Teofil   Mija   are   committed   religious   services   on   Sundays   and   holidays.   Once a month is celebrated Mystery of Holy Unction
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