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Christiana     Phylantropic     Medical-Christian     Association     Brasov,     non-profit,     non- governmental,   ecumenical   and   apolitical   association   was   constituted   in   1993,   as   a   branch of   the   Central   Association   Christiana   from   Bucharest,   at   the   initiative   of   Dr.   Teofil   Mija, outstanding personality in Brasov, a former political prisoner. Association   Christiana   became   a   legal   entity,   based   on   decision   Nr.13647/1996   of   the Brasov Court, with the address in Brasov, str. Dr. Ioan Cantacuzino, no.14, Brasov County. Christiana   Association   is   a   bringing   in   fact   of   a   promise   made   to   divinity   by   Dr.   Teofil Mija   during   his   detention.   He   swore   that,   if   he   will   escape   alive   from   the   communist dungeons,   will   be   in   the   service   of   the   persons   in   need.   Those   whom   he   persuaded   to become   founder   members   did   not   hide   their   skepticism   about   the   chances   of   a   successful outcome,   but,   with   self   caracterised   tenacity   and   perseverance,   Dr.   Teofil   Mija   started   the implementation   of   his   plan   and,   in   1993,   he   developed   Christiana   Policlinic   which   provided free   health   care   through   the   support   of   ten   medical   specialists   (volunteering   doctors)   for over 600 poor families selected through a social work evaluation. The   charity   work   was   continued,   in   partnership   with   the   Local   Council   Brasov,   by   setting   up   a   charity canteen   that   provided   a   hot   meal   to   approximately   100   people   in   need   from   local   community,   being recommended by the parishes; the canteen closed in 2006, due to lack of funds. Continued   charity   work   was   done   by   founding   an   retirement   home   for   elderly,   named   Christiana (operational   since   2000),   placed   in   the   former   building   of   the   of   boys   High   School   of   Construction   in Săcele,   Braşov   County.   The   building   was   restored   with   great   efforts   and   sacrifices,   year   after   year,   at   this moment   being   almost   fully   rehabilitated. Today,   the   Center   for   Elderly   has   the   name   of   the   "unmercenaries doctor"   Teophil   Mija.   It   is   running   because   of   the   good   collaboration   with   Sacele   Municipality,   and   now provides   hosting   and   care   to   more   than   75   elderly   people   coming   from   across   the   country,   15   being   social cases. Three stories of soul and unconditional dedication to the community of Brasov, for the people in need! The current socio-medical services offered by Christiana Association are achieved through: Center for Elderly Dr. Teofil Mija, in Sacele, Brasov County Socio-Medical   Centre   Dr.   Teofil   Mija,   in   Brasov,   Brasov   County   The   mission   to   carry   forward   the philanthropic work of doctor Teofil Mija is for us equally an honor and a great responsibility.
Istoric Centrului Socio-Medical dr.Teofil Mija
Istoric Căminului de Bătrâni dr. Teofil Mija
„Loving God means to devote" Christiana Phylantropic Medica-Christian Association Brașov