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 Eligibility criteria       The   admission   in   the   Elderly   Center   Dr.Teofil   Mija   is   a   measure   of   social   assistance   for   elderly   who   have reached the statutory of retirement age and is considered in one of the following situations: Can   household   alone   or   not; Don’t   have   mental   health   problems; Have    no    family,    or,    if    there    are    various    reasons    the    family    can    not    provide    the    required    care    and   maintenance   (eg.:   left   to   work   abroad,   the   job   is   requiring   availability   overtime,   family   problems,   lack   of appropriate space, aso); Realized    own    revenues    being    sufficient    to    cover    the    average    cost    of    care    in    Elderly    Center    Dr.Teofil   Mija ; Is    no    personal    income    for    a    decent    living    (social    cases).    These    cases    are    accepted    according    the   financial possibilities of the Association.    The   admission   in   the   Elderly   Center   Dr.Teofil   Mija   is   made   according   to   the   criteria   above   and   provides services under the initial assessment and comprehensive assessment of individual needs.      Admission in services Will be based on the personal registered file, which will include the following documents: Request   from   the   applicant   or   legal   representant   (tutor,   trustee); Photocopies   of   civil   status   and   identity   documents   of   the   applicant;   Photocopies   of   civil   status   and   identity   documents   of   the   legal   representative   or   carer   (tutor,   trustee); Copy   of   a   recent   pension   document; Certificates    showing    monthly    net    income    per    family    member's/legal    representative/carer    (tutor,    trustee);   (According to Law no. 17/2000, actualiuază). Social    work    report    (primary    assessment)    done    by    the    Public    Service    Social    Work    of    the    territorial   administrative    unit,    where    the    elderly    person    has    the    legal    residence    which    proposing    the    intervention    of   social services,  justified by the ascertained facts. (As required by the Act, No.17 / 2000- actualised). Medical    report    from    the    psychiatrist    according    MMSE    (examination    of    mental    health    status)    and    ID   (coefficient   of   development)   proveing   that   the   elderly   person   is   not   suffering   of   psychopathy,   as   it   is   defined in    H.G.R.    nr.886    /    2000;    the    persons    suffering    of    psychopathy    will    be    directed    to    medical    units    or specialized   care   and   support   centers,   as   stated   in   the   Law   nr.487/2002   according   mental   health   and protection of people with mental disorders. Lungs   radiography; Results     of     the     medical     tests:     blood     test,     glycemia,     T.G.P,     T.G.O,     creatinine,     urea,     urinalysis,   coproparasitological examination, coproparasitologic examination, exudates, AIDS test.   and   the   result   allows   hospitalization   of   elderly   (no   diseases);   A   medical   report   from   the   doctor   diagnoses   and   treatments.    The   results   enables   the   confirmation   /   invalidation   required   for   the   elderly   hospitalization   (confirmation   / invalidation that are no contagious diseases). The   personal   elderly   file   will   be   submitted   to   the   Secretariat   of   the   Elderly   Center   dr.   Teofil   Mija    (address:     Str.George   Moroianu,   No.   11,   Sacele,   Brasov   County),   accompanied   by   the   above   documents.   The   file   will be   recorded   in   a   special   register   recording   all   the   requests,   submitted   under   the   following   headings:   name, requesting date, address / contacts, scheduling time to committee, pass / fail and a waiting period. The   file   will   be   submitted   to   the   Evaluation   Commission   which   is   formed   by   three   members   and   a secretary. Members of Evaluation Commission: The   Doctor   (GP)   of   the   institution; The   Psychologist   of   the   institution; The   social   worker   employed   within   the   institution; Secretary   of   the   Commission. Thus,   the   applicant,   accompanied   by   the   legal   representative   /   carer,   within   two   days   is   scheduled   on   the examination of the Evaluation Commission which is reviewing the submitted documents. In   the   meantime,   the   GP,   the   psychologist   and   the   social   worker   (forming   a   multidisciplinary   team)   of   the institution,will   analyze   the   needs   of   the   elderly   who   request   the   evaluation   and   fill   the   Socio-medical- geriatric   File   -   representing   mandatory   part   for   admission   in   an   elderly   center   (is   included   the   assignment of dependency degrees of the elderly, according HGR nr.886 /2000). The   Commission   will   communicate,   in   written,   the   result   of   filed   documents   review   and   assessment   of elderly   person,   elaborating   the   proposal   for   admission   /   rejection;   this   is   given   to   the   Executive   Director   of the   Association   who   will   issue   the   decision   of   pass   /   fail.   The   Secretary   of   the   Evaluation   Commission   will   inform   within   10   working   days   a   copy   of   the   decision   of admission / respngere the original applicant or his legal representative. Admission   file   contains   documents   and   abovementioned   decision   of   admission   and   evaluation   grid   copy of   the   needs   of   older   people,   and   will   be   mandatorily   covered   by   the   Director   General   of   the Association   of Medical-Christian Charity Christiana.   Final admission Will   be   done   after   completing   an   adaptation   period   of   five   calendar   days,   when   it   is   found   that   elderly: maintains   the   application   for   admission,   was   accustomed   to   conditions   in   the   Center   for   Elderly,   with   the other   beneficiaries   and   with   the   staff.
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