Socio-Medical Centre dr.Teofil Mija

Socio-Medical    Centre    dr.Teofil    Mija    Developed    the ACCES       Project       during       01.04.2014-       30.04.2016,                provideing    free    access    to    psycho-socio-medical    care          services   for   1138   beneficiaries,   services   adapted   to   their needs and requirements. Since   May   2016,   the   Socio-Medical   Centre   dr.Teofil Mija    promotes,    at    the    lowest                    prices,    specialised medical   consultations,   services   of         physical   rehabilitation and psychological services-   evaluation and counseling.

Elderly Center Dr.Teofil Mija

Is    operational    since    2000    (having    the    old    name Christiana   Center   for   Elderly)   due   to   good   cooperation with the Local Council of Săcele. In   present   it   provides   hosting   and   care   for   75   elderly (15   representing   social   cases)   coming   of   all   over   the country,    located    in    the    renovated    and    modernized building   of   old   College   of   Construction   in   Săcele,   Braşov County.
History Christiana    Phylantropic    Medical-Christian   Association    Brasov,    non-profit,    non-governmental,    ecumenical          and   apolitical   association   was   constituted   in   1993,   as   a   branch   of   the   Central   Association   Christiana   from        Bucharest, at the initiative of Dr. Teofil Mija, outstanding personality in Brasov, a former political prisoner.

Socio-Medical Centre dr.Teofil Mija

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BEGINNINGS  Christiana Phylantropic Medical-Christian Association Brasov contributes to the community development process and creates a supportive local network of providing social services, in conformity with the specific quality standards given mainly to people in social need. For them the support is even greater as their needs are accentuated by factors as poverty, health problems, age, abandonment, dependence on others etc.   	Christiana Phylantropic Medical-Christian Association Brasov was developed at the initiative of Dr. Theophil Mija who managed, with the help of God but also of some friends and good colleagues, to fulfill his dream to help the people in social need.
„Loving God means to devote" Christiana Phylantropic Medica-Christian Association Brașov